Introducing The Concepts of DOM Events in JavaScript

Introducing The Concepts of DOM Events in JavaScript

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Опубликовано 21/04/2020

Using TWC LOGD SparqlProxyEvents are the backbone of the JavaScript applications. Everything is based on the scripts. Among different JavaScript events, DOM is a programming interface for HTML documents. defining array in javascript the entire perception, a data object model represents the element nodes inside a tree. Further, it allows the programming language to register for event handlers and connect to the web page. Moreover, it states that without event handler no one can add JavaScript to the web pages.

What is DOM?

It is a programming interface that helps in manipulating a webpage. A document object model allows the user to develop different documents and modify their structure. It means a DOM is a representation of a page which can further be changed using JavaScript. In creating web pages, all the methods and events are available in form of organized objects. So, we can use the objects in order to access the information about the events that have occurred.

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